How a Magnetic Sweeper Can Benefit Your Business

Magnetic BroomRegardless of the industry they are in, businesses are always searching for new and creative ways to create a safer work environment, make the jobs of their employees easier and find ways to save money.  One way industrial businesses can accomplish these goals is by utilizing a magnetic sweeper or broom.  These tools offer a myriad of benefits, and very easy to use.  Today, we highlight 3 ways these tools can be an advantageous investment for your company.

1)      Magnetic sweepers and brooms can collect debris that could cause harm to employees, or could prevent you from performing other tasks.  For example, if you work in a garage and have bolts, screws and other metal objects on the ground, a magnetic sweeper can pick up the loose items in the matter of seconds, and ensure one of your workers won’t step on one the wrong way.  Additionally, if you work in an assembly warehouse or a machining factory, it will make clean up time at the end of the day that much easier.

2)      Businesses with a large parking lot can use it to clean up debris that could cause flat tires.  If your business has a large parking area, unsolicited small items could end up on the pavement, putting tires (and feet) at risk.  Many businesses, such as airports, use magnetic sweepers, like the TMRS2-36 Magnetic Sweeper for this very reason, making the parking lot cleanup an easy and one-person job.  Plus, our company has a menu of different models to choose from, making it easier to find one suitable for your business.  You could use a tow behind magnet and attach it to a vehicle or forklift and drive around the lot, or simply push walk and push around a magnetic broom.

3)      These tools can help save and earn you money, and help businesses be environmentally friendly.  For starters, having a magnetic sweeper or broom on hand will make clean up time more efficient, providing more time for employees to work on other projects.  Additionally, many of the metals the sweepers pick up can be recycled, providing you with a chance to earn a bit of pocket money.  Plus, recycling the reusable metals will benefit the environment.

These are just a few examples of how a magnetic sweeper or broom can benefit your business.  They are convenient and easy to use, and make for a wonderful addition to most industrial establishments.  If you would like to learn more about the many benefits they offer, or you would like assistance picking out the right model for your specific needs, please contact us.