Magnetic Conveyor & Permanent Magnets for Sale

Permanent Suspended Conveyor Magnets & Cross Belt Magnets

Heavy Duty Suspended Conveyor MagnetsIf you are recycling wood, plastic, rubber, stone or other materials, iron-based metals can often become mixed with the materials, reducing the purity of the recycled content and making it more difficult to recycle. IPES International designs and manufacturers magnetic separators and permanent conveyor magnets for sale to fit perfectly into your existing process and easily separate metals from other materials.

The permanent overband conveyor magnets are suspended overhead magnets designed to remove magnetic materials during crushing, screening and sorting. These overhead magnets are a permanent fixture of the sorting process, so they do not require additional power to operate. Both manually-cleaned and self-cleaning models are available to help separate and dispose of the iron material, with a durable, heavy-duty neoprene belt drawing the metals away from the self-cleaning models. With a lifetime warranty on the magnetic strength, a stainless steel housing and proprietary magnetic circuitry, IPES International magnetic separator are offered in both Ceramic and Rare Earth magnet materials, and are built to last and endure the toughest environments and high volume material flows.

Contact us and we will help design a magnetic separator conveyor especially for your operation. For more information call or email IPES International and get a quote for your manually cleaned or self-cleaning permanent conveyor magnets.


  • Heavy Duty Permanent MagnetsExclusive magnetic circuitry
  • High-grade Ceramic- 8A magnetic material
  • Lifetime warranty on magnetic strength
  • Complete stainless steel magnet housing
  • Optional Swipe Arm for easy debris removal
Self-Cleaning Mechanism

  • TEFC 2 or 5 hp motor
  • Heavy-duty 2 ply neoprene belt
  • Precision crowned pulleys
  • Tracking adjusters on tail pulley
  • Armor Clad Belt – Optional

Permanent magnets are available in a variety of sizes and strengths to fit many applications. Magnets are sized based on application evaluation. (i.e. belt width, belt speed, burden depth, size of recoverable ferrous.)
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