The Importance of Magnetic Separation Equipment on Food Processing Conveyor Lines

Neodymium Magnetic Grate

If you have a conveyor line, does it have magnetic separation equipment? If not, it should.

Imagine you’re sitting down to breakfast and you take a bite out of your sausage, feeling something hard on your back tooth. You pull out a metal fragment from your mouth and you’re worried, disgusted, and mad about the whole situation. Obviously, the food company who processed the sausages didn’t have magnetic separation equipment on their conveyor line and they ended up putting you in harm’s way. 

Magnetic Separation Equipment Can Save Your Reputation

No one wants to ingest metal objects from their food. That’s why it’s smart for food companies to invest in magnetic separator solutions to ensure their products don’t contain hazardous contaminants that could turn into a PR nightmare. A company is only as good as its reputation, and all it takes is one mess-up on the conveyor line to turn the tide of public opinion. 

Magnetic separation equipment can include things like belt magnets, conveyor magnets and drum magnets. Along with testing and maintenance, magnets help keep items like food products pure and safe for consumption. Of course, there’s the added benefit of removing metal pieces before they can damage machinery. 

What magnetic separators are best for your particular application? What would work best for your conveyor line? IPES International can answer your questions about magnetic separation equipment. Our magnetic separators are used by a wide variety of industries to remove unwanted ferrous metals during the processing of raw materials. From recycling plants to food and pharmaceutical manufacturing, IPES International has the best industrial magnets to assist operations. Our products help make your products cleaner and safer. They’re proudly designed and made in the United States of America. 

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