The Importance of Recycling Plants and Non-Ferrous Metals

Non-Ferrous MetalsIPES International makes magnetic separation head pulleys which are used by plastic recycling plants. In a world where recycling matters– and can be quite economically viable– IPES is proud to make products that help separate materials such that certain materials can be reused.

Non-ferrous metals include aluminum, copper, lead, zinc, nickel, titanium, cobalt, chromium and precious metals.

Aluminum is one of the world’s most recycled materials. Think about all the people who bring back their soda pop cans to stores– they get a couple cents back while their soda pop cans get crushed and sent to a place where they can be reused. Less waste makes for a cleaner, greener planet.

Our world thrives on the use of non-ferrous metals.

Besides soda pop cans, aluminum helps make window frames, roofs, boats, bikes, and cars. Aluminum even plays a role in delivering electricity, as it’s used in high-voltage transmission lines.

Copper is well-known for its practical applications in electrical systems, piping, roofing/insulation and common household items, including cookware and cutlery.

Lead serves several purposes, including protection against X-rays and for use in the plates that work as electrodes in batteries. Zinc is also a non-ferrous metal used in batteries. You also find zinc in the coins we use as currency.

Tin makes cans. It’s also is used in the production of cars, springs, and glass.

Non-ferrous metals are an integral part of people’s daily lives on this planet. Rather than wasting them, industries have adopted the smart practice of recycling and reusing them.

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