Why Industrial Magnets Are Crucial To The Pharmaceutical Industry

Drawer-In-Housing Magnetic Separator

Are magnets crucial to the pharmaceutical industry? Yes, they certainly are!

If you were to open up a bottle of pills you got at the pharmacy and a bunch of small metal shavings or particles were in there, you’d be appalled. They’re not supposed to be in there, right? If the company who manufactured the pills used or uses high-quality magnetic separation solutions for their processing lines, then those shavings or particles wouldn’t be in there.

Health and Safety Controls

The pharmaceutical industry has strict health and safety controls. High-performing magnets and magnet assemblies are designed for pharmaceutical applications. Sheet fanners, lifting magnets, and keywords like “neodymium” and “ceramic (ferrite)” mean that metal shavings and particles get removed from the product long before the product is packaged and sent to stores, and that’s a very good thing.

Magnets Serve Many Purposes

In the pharmaceutical industry, magnets can be used to not only catch metal shavings, but also to snag steel filings, iron particles and contaminants from product(s). Meanwhile, magnets can help separate magnetic materials from concentrates as well as remove natural magnetic minerals as needed.

Keep in mind that a lot of the machinery used on a pharmaceutical industry production line could involve nuts, bolts and other fasteners accidentally finding their way onto a conveyor belt or into a melting pot, etc. Magnets are there to catch them before they cause problems.

Basically, like with most industries, the pharmaceutical industry relies on magnets to help avoid unwanted downtime, product recalls and lost revenues.

IPES International Provides Dependable Magnetic Separators

If you work in the pharmaceutical industry and need some magnetic separators, check out this page.   IPES International has a variety of magnetic separators available, including magnetic chutes, drawers and drums.

Pharmaceutical companies are in the business of helping people feel better– not making them feel worse. Nobody wants contaminated medications. Thankfully pharmaceutical magnets can pull out ferrous metals so they don’t get mixed into the final product(s).