Permanent Industrial Lifting Magnets & Lifters

Industrial High Strength, Rare Earth & Ceramic Magnets & Electromagnets

IPES International provides permanent lifting magnets with a release arm to many industries, including manufacturing plants. Lifting magnets are used to elevate, lower or move ferrous metals to ensure you don’t have to waste manpower on heavy lifting.

Impressively, our industrial high strength, permanent lifting magnets can efficiently lift metals that weigh between 500-3,000 pounds! Whether you need to move large pieces of steel with a high carbon content, ferrous metals, or iron objects, our lifting magnets will ensure your workers won’t have to break their backs.

We use Ceramic 8, heavy duty magnet material, as well as other industrial rare earth magnet materials depending on the needs of your application. Take a look at some of the different options we offer below, and contact us with any questions.

  • Ceramic 8 magnet material
  • Rare Earth magnet material available for difficult applications
  • Stainless Steel Housing
  • Multiple Power Poles for maximum holding
  • 5 Standard Sizes to fit many applications
  • From 500 to 3000+ lbs. Lifting Capacity
  • Custom Sizing Available
Permanent Industrial Lifting MagnetIndustrial Rare Earth & Ceramic Lifters

Permanent Lifting Magnet Specifications

Part Number Width Length Height Weight Lift (LBS)
PML-1522 3.50 6.50 3.00 24# 500
PML-1523 4.50 16.00 3.00 50# 1000
PML-1524 5.00 8.50 3.00 38# 1000
PML-1525 6.50 10.50 3.00 54# 1500
PML-1526 10.94 16.50 3.75 132# 3000